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Knowledge of aluminium composite panel
Knowledge of aluminium composite panel

1  Aluminium composite panle is a kind of new decoration material, which comes to attract great attention within a short time, due to its excellent performance, such as low cost, many available colors, convenient installation, good processing feature and outstanding fireproof characteristic, etc…

2 Structure of aluminium composite panel
Aluminium composite panel is compounded with top and bottom layers of aluminium sheet, non-toxic polyethylene core material. There’s a protective film sticking on the front side. For exterior decoration, the front side is coated with PVDF coating; For interior decoration, Polyester coating on the front side is OK.

3 Features of aluminium composite panel
Aluminium composite panel is easy to process. We can shorten the project time and decrease cost by using such material. Aluminium composite panel can be cut, sheared, slotted, sawed, punched, bent, riveted, bolted, stuck with glue, etc?/p>

4 Analysis of common quality problems
4.1 Color changing and discoloration
Color changing and discoloration are mainly caused by wrong choice of the panel. Aluminium composite panels generally are with two different coatings, one is Polyester coating and the other is PVDF coating. Two different coatings decided different application environment. For those aluminium composite panels to be applied for interior decoration, usually polyester coating is OK. But when those aluminium composite panels coated with polyester coating are applied for exterior decoration, the outside tough natural environment will accelerate its aging, cause color changing and discoloration. When applied for exterior decoration, PVDF coating aluminium composite panel with the characteristics of anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance is recommended.
4.2  Splitting and peeling
Incorrect choice of adhesive will cause splitting and peeling in application of aluminium composite panel. When applied for exterior decoration, silicone adhesive is an ideal choice because of its special advantages. When you buy aluminium composite panels, the seller maybe will recommend some kind of fast adhesive. This kind of adhesive is OK to be used inside. But when used outside, splitting and peeling will be caused due to frequent weather change.
4.3  Deformation and bulge
When we go around any city, itís not hard to see some projects, of which aluminium composite panels are deformed or bulged. These prbolems can be seen not only in small shop front decoration project, but also in large high building projects. Before we thought these problems were caused by the quality of aluminium composite panel itself. However, after analysis, we found that the main reason lies in the sub-boards which used to stick the aluminium composite panels and the next reason is the quality of aluminium composite panel itself. The distributors usually will recommend plywood and block board to be used as sub-boards, which easily deform after being exposed to wind, sun and rain. Such sub-boards have deformed and the aluminium composite panel on which will deform accordingly. We can see that the ideal material to be used as accessories of aluminium composite panel for exterior decoration is steel profiles and aluminium profiles is better, which can guarantee project quality.
4.4 Gap tidiness
When applied in decoration, thereís a gap of some width between the panels. In order to enhance the appearance, generally we can use black sealant to be filled in the gap. When fill the sealant in, some installation workers will use protective film instead of paper tape, which can save some time. The protective film will be torn to some extent when aluminium composite panel is cut under process, so itís impossible to keep the gap tidy if use such film.

5 Conclusion
After analysis of common quality problems in the process of installing aluminium composite panels, we have found some measures and methods to solve these problems. Hope such measures and methods will help those prevent these problems when install aluminium composite panel.

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