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How to maintain & clean PVDF coating
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How to maintain & clean PVDF coating

Scheduled professional maintenance & cleaning is needed for aluminium composite panel’s surface. Such maintenance is not only to keep the building’s wall to be clean, but also to remove the harmful stains on the coating to keep its long-term quality.
The maintenance & cleaning frequency is depending on the application environment and actual pollution conditions of the aluminium composite panel. Here we suggest that exterior decoration needs to be cleaned at least one time per year. As for interior decoration, the cleaning is depending on the actual pollution conditions.
The cleaning of buildings’ walls should be made from up to down manually or by suitable cleaning facilities. Please be noticed that any cleaner which includes corrosive material is forbidden to be used for the cleaning. Specific cleaning processes as follow:
1) Use much clear water to wash the panel’s surface;
2) Use soft cloth with dilute detergent to wipe the panel’s surface softly;
3) Use much clear water again to wash the stains off;
4) Check the panel’s surface and special cleaning with detergent is needed if some parts are still not clean;
5) Use clear water to wash the panels’ surface till all stains have been washed out.
Notice: Please don’t clean if the panel’s surface is hot (over 40 °C) because too fast volatility of the water will do harm to the coating. Please be noticed especially that suitable detergent should be chosen. Generally neutral detergent is OK. Please don’t use strong alkaline detergent, such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and Also please don’t use strong acid detergent, abrasive detergent and paint soluble detergent. What’s more, you’d better clean a small part as an experiment before carrying out thorough cleaning of the whole project.

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